Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An apology and a couple of ads.

Like a father who has left his starving child to die, I have no idea how to apologize for leaving you all with no updates, no reasoning, no clue as to what's going on. We're back to breathe new life into this project, but hopefully not too late. We're down to two main editors here. It's been plain crazy for everyone involved, and this started to become less of a priority. For that I am truly sorry. On that note, I hope you forgive us and are willing to give us a second shot.

The zombie anthology, oh man where to begin. A lot of you got tired of waiting and pulled your submissions. I understand that completely. We're working very hard to finalize this project and bring it to you. Let us know if you have pulled your submission and wish to come back on board, or if you would rather not wait for us anymore. Again, I apologize and let's get this show on the road!

-Joshua Weston
Co-editor, Magazine of the Dead

Now on to some good stuff.

Steven Shrewsbury, a friend of everyone who reads or works for MoTD, has released the book HAWG through Graveside Tales. Click the cover to read more about and purchase it. The plot, as explained by the website goes a little something like this:

"Blue collar tough Andrew White knows that in the rural community of Miller’s Fork bad things are best left in the dark. He soon learns that monsters wear many shapes.

In a populace rife with of vice and deception, something has broken loose… something hidden and feral. Set free from a neighbor’s barn, a force rampages through the locality. Hungry and insatiable, the berserk wrath unleashed from Mr. Solow’s shed is holds a darker secret than anyone could imagine.

Only a factory worker, a twisted biker, an unsure sheriff, and a wounded addict stand in the way of the beast. Can they put aside their differences and defeat what lurks inside them in time to defend what they love?

Come, peer inside the souls of Miller’s Fork and see if they possess the courage to stop the primal fury that is…HAWG."

You might remember Steven from his submission "Always Faithful", published here June 5th. Steven is a very talented (and totally disturbing) writer and we at MoTD wish him nothing but the best.

Another friend to M0TD, Christopher Allan Death, has been busy over in his neck of the woods as well. He's been on this site several times and has a novella coming out and some other projects in the works. Read about him at his MySpace page.

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