Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hydrocephalic Ward

Hydrocephalic Ward

In Hydrocephalic Ward, the new collection from Nathan Tyree, you will find robots for pedophiles, a man burning himself with cigarettes, a hospital where they keep you alive as long as you can pay, an abusive husband's grief, group sex and its effects, a suicidal philosopher, Cinderella, Quetzalcoatl, a breast feeding corpse, zombies, Elvis having a very bad day, a poker player in over his head, cannibal children, Junkies, John the Baptist, bees, drinkers and people on the edge. These are stories that both shock and move the reader. "Wow! I'm still erect" - Mitch Cullin (Tideland) "Crams more malevolent nastiness and thought-provoking misanthropy into its every word and deed that your average Bret Easton Ellis." -Peter Wild, Editor of Noise and The Flash

Saturday, December 27, 2008


The first anthology (read: print issue) of Magazine of the Dead is now available on the Kindle from Amazon. Magazine of the Dead: Stories for Diseased Children.

If you are one of those lucky fuckers with a Kindle, then check it out. Do it! You want to.


That William Butler Yeats was a smart fucker. He was right. Things do fall apart. We live in a world of shit and decay.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm Your Man

I'm Your Man

by Jon Catron

Bobbie looked at the mirror and applied the lipstick slowly, making a slow kissing sound toward the reflecting surface. Lipstick was always the hardest to put on, you really had to *sell* it, force people to look at your lips, make them want your lips, make your lips make *them* want you. They say that first impressions are the most lasting. If it’s done right, it’s all they need to see.

This was especially true for Bobbie, whose lips were arguably his best assets. He had little going for him beyond his full lips and demure manner; the rest was carefully crafted to conceal everything in the most alluring way. He pulled on his black “bob” wig, his personal joke, and closed his right eye to begin applying the eyelashes.

He’d begun cross dressing several years ago, but he’d nearly given up his dignity several failed relationships before that. The women and men he’d paraded into his life back then had been a panacea for the ache in his soul, but never the cure.

All of them walked away in the end. Bobbie reached over and cranked the radio volume up as an old raspy voice asked him if the Moon was too bright, or the Chains too tight. Bobbie smiled and winked at the mirror. “Please….”

Of course the smile was faked; everything about Bobbie was faked though. Everyone faked it. Everything was fake now. Roses all come from drugstores. Love songs are sung sweetly by heartless bitches. Paychecks reward those that back stab their coworkers. Churches eat the innocent.

And the chaste look for Bobbie with discreet needful glances.

Everybody knows the End is coming, but they hide in their shiny houses, shiny cars, shiny clothes, shiny lives. Everyone knows the pain is out there and everybody hides from it in their own way. Bobbie was just playing the game better than anyone else.

He slipped on his dress, letting it slide down like a cloak, hiding him from the world; from the pain. Who was anyone to judge how he hid himself? Everyone is a Liar in their heart. How many promises hung broken and abused in the world? How many people gaped in shocked betrayal at their friends, their lovers, their family?

……….how could she?

He dabbed a hanky at his eye and pursed his lips as he grabbed his purse and coat and slipped out the door.

“Maybe I’ll get a Promiser tonight…. Yeah, that would be the trick.”

Bobbie hit the bars with bashful eyes and a tight, almost inviting smile on his perfect lips. He found his lover quickly, the aging John promising sweet, sweet nothings, obviously trying a little too desperately to hide a pale band of skin on his left hand. He was charming. He was handsome. And he was *so* smooth, so faux earnest in his declarations. His words were as empty as he was, dead things vomited out of a dead mouth. He was a dead man wanting to fuck a make believe woman.

He was perfect.

The taste of Leonard’s cock still sat in Bobbie’s mouth like a diseased toad, dry and befouled. His lover was gagged and thankfully bound in the other room as Bobbie cried just a little while he rinsed his mouth in the bathroom. He didn’t dab the tears from his eyes as he slipped from the dress and stalked into the bedroom, eyes finally as cold as the heart inside his chest.

Bobbie pulled the wig from his head as Leonard stared wild eyed at him. The illusions were gone now. He’d found the ring in Leonard’s pocket, but it didn’t matter. His own member stood erect, pointing at Leonard’s horrified gaze, but that didn’t matter either.

There was nothing to hide.

There would be so much to hide.

Bobbie held up the switchblade, his dead eyes moistening in anticipation.

“Baby,” *shnickt* “I’m your man.”

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Darkness Inside

The Darkness Inside is the creepy new collection from Joshua Weston. Check it out. That is an order.

Monday, December 15, 2008


James Horn (also known as JMES Horn for reasons that he refuses to explain, but that must be significant) has graced the pages of Magazine of the Dead many times. His story "Lester's Complex" is one of our all time favorites. We are pleased to announce that he has a brand new collection of short stories available from Gozu Press.

It's called Singularity (the sort of title that we assume is at least a double entendre if not a triple entendre, but again he refuses to explain this- he's a cagey fuck).

The stories in it are terrifying, disgusting, and oddly touching. We like it. You should too.

You can check it out here: Singularity

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gozu Press

There is a great new publishing company out in the world. It is called Gozu Press (and yes, the MotD people are involved). So far Gozu has published Nathan Tyree and James Horn and more are coming. All Gozu books will be available through major online retailers (like Amazon and B&N) as well as through book stores.

Have a look at this Gozu Press

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zombie Lust

There is a brand new zombie book out: Zombie Lust. It's worth a look.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why So Serious?

okay, yeah, we will be seeing this little bit of hollywood fluff everywhere for a week or two.

"Why So Serious?"

The marketing guys don't get it. I will tell you that now. To them, this is just a push for their material, their movie, their toys, their sleeping bag, their flamethrowers (the kids Love it).

But they won't EVER *get* it like you or I might.

They won't understand how it harkens back to the question that the Joker posses by his very existence.

"What is the Rational response to an Insane World?"

For most people, it is to Rationalize every decision, to close your eyes to the Maddening Whole and focus on the Uber-importance of the minutiae of Now.

Small stuff becomes all consuming and perspective is lost. Madness creeps in under the guise of Control and the end result is the same place we were trying desperately to avoid.

"Why So Serious?"

Why sweat the small stuff? Why focus on the Now when any other time/place likely sucks a lot less? Let loose of your 'Controls' and let impulse take over. Everything loses importance when one steps back to see the Grand Decay that will finally consume us all. If nothing has importance, why not take what you impulsively want now, and damn the consequences? And Madness sweeps in with a blinding whirl that blurs your sight and clouds your mind.

Why so serious? After all, we are all headed for the same hall in the loony bin, and if you've got to go, Go With A SMILE.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm In Zombie Hell


Yeah, i forgot about this place about 6 years ago. I had something funny to say about it, but that got put on one of their bumper stickers....

check it out and go get subversive on someone's ass.