Wednesday, March 30, 2016

And the beat goes on

Everyone know that Hillary is full of shit. Bernie has run the most positive campaign in modern history. If Hillz is afraid to debate, she should just admit it.


The media is starting to notice. Hillary wants Bernie to tone it down and not behave like a Brooklynite. Well played, Secretary Clinton. Say goodbye to New York.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Batman versus Superman

It most assuredly does not suck. I want to get that out there right up front. Now that I've said that, let me tell you about all of the things that do suck:

1. Really, we're doing the Batman origin story again? Why?
2. Every scene featuring Lois and Superman together outside of the action sequences are dull and pointless.
3. Several minutes of shirtless Affleck doing cross fit seems a bit much.
4. Someone, anyone, teach Zack Snyder how to cut an action scene in a coherent way, please.
5. Eisenberg's Luthor is better than Spacey's Luthor, but that is a very low bar.
6. Zod is in this movie for no reason at all.
7. MORE WONDERWOMAN! We need more Wonder Woman now!
8. More Aquaman! (I may be the first person in history to say that ever).
9. Too many batman dream sequences.
10. Henry Cavill is just the worst. Really.

having said all of that, it is entertaining. It had the seeds of a great movie in there, it just doesn't find them. It's better than Ant-Man, Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3, both Thor movies and Man of Steel.

I'm glad I saw it, but I'd like to see an anti-directors cut with about 35 minutes trimmed out.

Best part was the trailer for Lego Batman! I need to see that badly

“like a Brooklynite"

The Clinton camp now says that they will only debate Bernie if he "tones it down" and that they are worried that he will debate “like a Brooklynite". So, I guess she is saying that New Yorkers are rude, mean, nasty. Why does Hillary hate New York? Why is she afraid of Bernie Sanders?

This is crap. She is spinning out of control. MSNBC is saying that Bernie will win Wisconsin and New York. Bernie just crushed her in Hawaii (the least white state), Alaska (and of the five most diverse states) and Washington. Her poll numbers are starting to collapse. Going forward, Sanders will erase her lead and pull past her prior to the convention.

They see it coming.

They are afraid.


Monday, March 28, 2016

Afraid to debate

Hillary Clinton is afraid to debate Bernie Sanders. In the last few days her poll numbers have started to collapse. Bernie has won a string of massive blowout victories in the nation's most diverse states. Her fundraising has taken a dive and she's had to cut way back on spending (which is only going to make it easier for Bernie to expand his support in upcoming states). She's looking at a map that greatly favors Senator Sanders. And now, in a ham fisted attempt to control the course of events, she has revealed that she is terrified of facing Bernie in another debate.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Go Starve Somewhere Else

I have hated these arguments for years. Why don't (insert : poor people, hurricane victims, tornado victims, gay people, blacks, asians, etc here) just move to a better place? Because, it is impossible to move when you have no resources. In most cases, if you could afford to move cross country, you wouldn't need to.

LGM demolishes the idiots who make those arguments.

Read it

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump and the "rise" of the dumb

It is worth noting that few people notice (or at least, are willing to admit) that the modern Republican party is a scam. The monied interests (Corporations, Banks, Rich assholes) use bigotry and religion to trick poor white people into supporting candidates and positions that are damaging to the well being (and even survival) of those same poor white people.

No one admits this. It isn’t allowed. The Republican party does not give a flying fuck about abortion or gay marriage are creationism or any of the other bullshit that uneducated white people get worked up about. What they care about are dollars and power.

The Elders may be on the verge of admitting this.

Trump's antogonistes

More on the Hillary problem

This sort of covers it.

lately, Hillary is doing everything in her power to tell the Democratic base (Progressives, People of Color and the LGBTQ Community) that she doesn't need them. Guess what, we don't need her either.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Hillary problem

Hillary Clinton has issues.  An argument can be made that her surreal lie about Reagan and AIDS is a symptom of a much deeper problem. It has not gone unnoticed that she praised War Criminal Henry Kissinger, decried Reconstruction as a bad thing and called young black men "super predators" that needed to be "brought to heel". Is Hillary really the sort of person that the Democratic party of 2016 should choose as its standard bearer?

Finally, they get it

It is starting to come clear to people that Hillary is less electable than Bernie.  Steve Almond  has a good run-down of arguments against her. These match up closely with what I have been saying for months.  Lawyers Guns and Money is starting to see the light as well. And this.

She keeps doing shit like this

This stuff has a lot of evidence. The polls show the gap. But, more than the polls I trust reality. Hillary is a terrible candidate and one that the GOP has been preparing for for 25 years.

and this

Friday, March 11, 2016

AIDS Denial

Hillary Clinton praised the Reagans and suggested that they were fighters in the war on aids.  This is revisionist history of the worst sort. The Reagan regime had blood not just on its hands, but all over its. This is disgusting. It is disgusting that a candidate for the DEMOCRATIC presidential nomination would say this.

I am stunned.

This is worth a read

Ronald Reagan, who died in 2004, was president for nearly five years before he said the word “Aids” in public, nearly seven years before he gave a speech on a health crisis that would go on to kill more than 650,000 Americans and stigmatize even more. In recent months, published reports have revealed an administration that laughed at the scourge and its victims and a first lady who turned her back on Rock Hudson, a close friend, when he reached out to the White House for help as he was dying from an Aids-related illness. “If there is a hell both Ronny and Nancy are Roasting,” wrote one Sister.... “Nancy and Ron Reagan were a functional team in the Presidency,” wrote Kenneth Bunch, aka Sister Vicious Power Hungry Bitch, one of the order’s co-founders. “They are both responsible for the death of thousands from HIV in the LGBT community due to their inaction in the 1980’s. So I understand the anger in the LGBT community toward Nancy. I feel that anger as well.”

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sanders Supported the Auto Bailout!

On CNN, David Axelrod, chief strategist for Obama's campaigns, called the attack on Sanders "too cute by half" and a "cheap shot."

Clinton's lies  are quite enough. This is a fucking smear and a blatant lie. Sanders supported the auto industry bailout and opposed the wall street bailout.

K.O. is back

Keith Olbermann is moving out of a Trump building.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dogs and Men

Okay children, I have shared this before, but things have gotten more real since then. All God's Creatures is a small animal rescue in Columbus, KS. They have, over the last few years saved and homed hundreds if dogs and cats that may otherwise have been euthanized. They do good work. Great work.

They need a building. They have wanted to buy or build their own building for a long time. In the interim they have been using the Columbus Shelter to house dogs. They are losing the ability to use those facilities. If they cannot raise money soon, they will be out of business. No one else will fill the need and the animals will suffer.

If your read this annoying blog, follow the link and give a buck to help out.

Thank you

save the dogs

Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer

The evidence keeps mounting. All of America needs to know that Ted Cruz is The Zodiac Killer!

The evidence that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer

Friday, March 4, 2016

Something about a limbic system

Over at amazon, one customer wrote the following about my strange book:

Okay, so say you're channel surfing, and you come across ... oh I don't know, The Reaper, and you think to yourself, not a bad premise--a bunch of kids, minimum wage employment, some cute girls, lots of supernatural elements ... but something's missing--what the hell's missing from this picture? And then it dawns on you; Bukowski! Bukowski is missing. If Buk could rise up from the dead and find employment as one of the writers for The Reaper, you'd have something pretty similar to Stygiophilia, a fast paced, tight-lined, no holds barred, brick to the head, macabre tale of one man's quest for absolution.

This is a great read. A quick read (98 pages), but a great one none the less. Nathan gets in and gets out, but still manages to slowly reveal a horrific back story that shapes everything the narrator (and the reader) experiences.

My only issue with the book is the layout, but that's just (I assume) a technical issue and easily overlooked once you get cruising along with the story line, which--from a writing standpoint--is liquid smooth.

You can read it for free here

You can buy it here

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trump's racist Friends

Well this is beautiful! After years of courting religious extremists, racists, sovereign citizen weirdos, and assorted crazies the Republican party is now faced with the stark reality that those people are in fact their base. It isn't pretty, but boy is it fun!

This is the glotch

have you seen this?
You should.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

You get some rest now, Ben

Sleepy Ben Carson has ended his "campaign".

I will miss the fruit salad of his debate performances.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What Trump means

Maybe what Trump is telling us is that this experiment has simply run its course and that "America" is winding down. Maybe, just maybe, this grand idea had an expiration date.  The constitution was stamped on the back USE BY 2018 or some such. Maybe that's natural. It isn't progress, though and that makes me sad.

And maybe (the hopeful part of me thinks) Trump's defeat in November will prove the opposite.

Libertarians for Sanders!

Reason (yes, I'm actually going to link to Reason) makes the case that libertarians should support Berni Sanders. I think they are right. Here's the link. They are not the only ones suggesting it. Even Penn Jillett is on board!

 Hell, even Ron Paul praises Sanders. What I'm saying is, Libertarians should support Bernie Sanders.


LGM Ranks the candidates

I think they nailed it:

Worst of the worst – Ted Cruz, dominionist death eater from the Lone Star state, for president!
Pros – Negative a bazillion.
Cons – Everything. There’s a joke going round that Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. That’s a compliment. I look at him and see a man whose hobbies include Handmaid’s Tale LARP with kidnapped hitchhikers, hanging around death row on execution eve with his hands thrust deep in his front pockets and listening to Nickleback. Mankind’s best hope would be a world killing asteroid.