Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why So Serious?

okay, yeah, we will be seeing this little bit of hollywood fluff everywhere for a week or two.

"Why So Serious?"

The marketing guys don't get it. I will tell you that now. To them, this is just a push for their material, their movie, their toys, their sleeping bag, their flamethrowers (the kids Love it).

But they won't EVER *get* it like you or I might.

They won't understand how it harkens back to the question that the Joker posses by his very existence.

"What is the Rational response to an Insane World?"

For most people, it is to Rationalize every decision, to close your eyes to the Maddening Whole and focus on the Uber-importance of the minutiae of Now.

Small stuff becomes all consuming and perspective is lost. Madness creeps in under the guise of Control and the end result is the same place we were trying desperately to avoid.

"Why So Serious?"

Why sweat the small stuff? Why focus on the Now when any other time/place likely sucks a lot less? Let loose of your 'Controls' and let impulse take over. Everything loses importance when one steps back to see the Grand Decay that will finally consume us all. If nothing has importance, why not take what you impulsively want now, and damn the consequences? And Madness sweeps in with a blinding whirl that blurs your sight and clouds your mind.

Why so serious? After all, we are all headed for the same hall in the loony bin, and if you've got to go, Go With A SMILE.

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