Sunday, June 7, 2015

Types of Crows

Types of Crows
a poem of sorts

by Nathan Tyree

The Pied Crow seeks out windowsills and finds waiting cherry or apple left to cool.

The Cape Crow goes out at night and fight crime with his fists.

The Common Raven drinks PBR and listens to Journey and Styx in his trailer.

The Western Raven owns a saddle, but no horse. He likes sausage and peppers in his omelet.

The Carrion Crow, well you know about his eating habits.

The Hooded Crow tightens the ties on his hoodie and hangs at the corner with his bros.

Jackdaw from Wichita travels around refusing to share the water or the wine.

The Rook will checkmate your ass before you see it coming.

The Fish Crow eats worms.

The Fan Tailed Raven can keep you cool in the summer.

The House Crow has room for a family of four, but isn’t worth near as much as he was last year.

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