Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Disease

The Disease (an excerpt)


Nathan Tyree

Mother Fucking damn it shit fuck fuck fucking cocksucker! Eric looked hard at the face in the mirror. This was not right. He had thought that he had more time than this. The face that he was forced to assume was his had drained of color and gone a sick shade of gray. His skin was rough, reptile-like and patches were starting to peel and break loose. That wasted face wasn’t the half of it. He ached everywhere. His bones felt like some sick bastard was pounding a hammer against them. Every muscle in his body burned with anaerobic rage. His tendons felt stretched tight and dried out like decades old beef jerky. His head was pounding. The fever, at least, had finally abated; but now he was covered in a viscous cold sweat that was so thick it felt like mucous. Motherfucker, he thought.

He had known that this was coming. Eric had expected it. Hell, he had watched it happen to others. But, he had truly believed that he would have at least another day before it got this bad. The one thing that simply boggled his burning mind was that, as sick as he felt, he wanted to fuck. His cock had turned to a steel rod in his pants. Despite the fact that he jerked off twice that morning, the erection would not subside. He was so horny that he couldn’t stand it. Eric did not miss the irony of turning into a fucking horny toad at the same time that his face started wrecking itself to the extent that no sane woman would even consider letting him penetrate her. Hell, even a hooker was out of the question.

Eric ran cold water in the sink and splashed some over his face. He expected it to feel good, but instead it burned. The moisture felt like acid on his skin. He quickly grabbed a towel and wiped the wetness away. Several thick patches of gooey flesh went with it.

He made the decision to bite the bullet and go to the emergency room. He understood that they couldn’t help him, but at least he could get some morphine or Demerol or something.

Pulling on his shoes was an act of attrition. A big chunk of his heel ripped free with a wet tearing sound and he groaned. Is that what I sound like? He thought. His voice had taken on the gravel timbre of an emphysema patient. It sounded to him like there was some thick clot of black snot lodged in his throat filtering his voice into a whiskey and cigarette ravaged growl.

Once he was dressed, Eric headed out of his apartment and down the stairs. On the street he tried to keep his head down. He badly wanted to avoid catching anyone’s eye, or attracting any undue attention. It didn’t work. After only a few steps a young man noticed his leper visage and, eyes wide, gasped.

Screw this, he thought. Eric crossed the street and headed into the park. There would be fewer people there and besides, it was a shorter trip that way.

He topped a slight rise and saw the jogger. She was young and well built and wearing skin tight spandex shorts and one of those sports bra slash athletic shirt things that girls wear to keep their tits from bouncing and simultaneously entice every man within a ten mile radius. Despite the fact that she more than ten yards from him, Eric could smell her. He inhaled deeply and when he did he could almost taste the salt of her sweat; the bitter of her perfume; the sweet of her skin. His cock, which had been merely iron before, suddenly turned to adamantine. It swelled even more in his pants and felt like it would burst. He knew at that moment that he had to have her. He could already see himself on top of her, holding her down and forcing his way inside.

He took the first, unsure, stumbling step her direction. Then he fell. His goddamn feet did not want to obey. They twisted sideways and tripped him. Setting his mind on the task ahead, Eric forced himself to his feet and tried to remember the commands to make himself run. It didn’t quite work. The best he could manage was a lurching stumble, but at least he was moving at a greater speed. It took him a moment to realize that he had both his arms outstretched in front of him. I look like a fucking cliché, he thought. He made a conscious attempt to get his hands at his side.

The girl, pony tail bouncing, was still completely unaware that he was coming up behind her. Eric was about to get a grasp on her when his stentorian breathing gave him away. The girl spun on her heels and shot a palm forward with unexpected force. The blow drove his head back. He didn’t let it get him down. He reached up with the best speed he could muster and grasped her shoulders. The girl twisted to break his grip. Eric struck her with a fist. The shot caught her across the jaw and her eyes swam a bit. They girl kicked. She was aiming for his balls, but missed. Her foot caught his knee. Eric tried to smile as he hit her again. This time she did go down.

Her body fell in a heap on the grass. She was still awake, but woozy. Eric lowered himself over her, grabbed her by the hair, lifted her head and brought it down hard. Then she was out.

Eric lipped his lips. As he did a strand of thick, viscous bile dripped from his mouth and landed on the girl’s tight stomach. He looked at the little puddle it had formed, and then wiped it away. He took a quick look around, then pushed her top up to reveal her breasts. They were round and firm. Eric took a second to squeeze her left breast. He paused at the nipple and gave it a little twist then got on with more important things. He tugged at her shorts to get them down. They stuck at her hips and he had to give a strong jerk to get them past that spot. Once the shorts were off he spread her legs, leaned forward and smelled her vagina. It was pungent from sweat.

The oddest thing happened then. When he smelled her he suddenly had a new urge. He still wanted to rape her, that hadn’t changed; but now he wanted to bite her too. He was not thinking of a playful nip like one would give a lover in the heat of passion. He was thinking of ripping her labia with his teeth. Mostly, though, he was thinking of chewing them up and swallowing. Eric had a sudden and powerful craving to devour this woman’s flesh.

He bit down hard on his own lip to clear his head and focus on the work ahead. He undid his pants and pulled them down. His cock looked like something had gone dreadfully wrong with it. It was massive. Eric had a larger than average penis, but at that moment it was swollen to nearly one and a third its normal size, in places the skin was starting to crack in little spider web fractures from the stretching. Even worse than that, as far as Eric was concerned, it was turning blue. Eric spit in his hand and rubbed the saliva over his glans. Then he spat again, this time rubbing against the girl’s pussy. She was ready.

He gripped his cock and rubbed the head of it up and down between her outer labia until her juices started flowing a bit. Then he rammed forward forcing himself inside her. Her skin tore a little and she gasped as her eyes popped open.

“Hel-“she tried to scream for help and he clamped his hand over her mouth.

“Shut up cunt,” he growled at her. “Keep your mouth shut and I won’t kill you.”

“Nnnghhelthgnn nngnng,” she made animal sounds through his hand and twisted her body trying to eject him.

“I swear bitch, I will kill you. Now shut up.”

Her eyes were filled with wide milky panic. He could feel her heart racing past the bounds of safety through her skin. But, to his surprise she went limp. She gave in. Eric was glad that she had believed him. This was going to easier if she didn’t struggle too much.

He got his rhythm back and started thrusting hard again. Her pussy felt incredibly tight and hot. Eric was thinking that he was about to get finished when he stopped. Suddenly he was thinking about biting her again. He couldn’t figure out why he wanted that, but he did. He didn’t just want it, he needed eat. He had to bite her.

“Don’t panic,” he tried to sound calm as he said this. “I’m going to bite you just a little. I’m not gonna hurt you, I just need to bite you a little so I can come.”

She started to struggle again. Eric hit her square in the mouth and she froze.

“Look. You want this to be over. It’s over when I come. If I bite you I can come. Now hold the fuck still.”

She stared at him with eyes that had gone obsidian.

Eric stared aback and said “Do you understand?”

She nodded the slightest amount possible.

He leaned forward and places his teeth against her breast. He meant to do just what he had said: bit a little. When he felt his teeth sink into the soft flesh of her tit his heart raced, his breathing quickened and his cock swelled even more.

The girl screamed. It was the scream that caused Eric to realize that his mouth was filling with blood. His teeth had come together through her and he pulled his head back. A hunk of her breast ripped free with a glugging sound. To his own horror Eric realized that he had swallowed a piece of the girl. As a piece of her tit slid down his gullet he started to hump harder.

She was flailing her arms; her nails caught hold of his face and gouged deep canyons, but he couldn’t feel it. The endorphins were pumping through his veins and he felt alive. Rivulets of blood ran into his eyes, and he shook his head to clear the. Suddenly Eric felt superhuman. He let her fight; he was starting to really enjoy this. He lifted himself up and looked down. For a moment he watched his cock slide in and out of her. He was thrusting with such force that it ripped her flesh a little and blood was covering his swollen cock. For just a moment he though that it was funny: his cock was covered in blood and full of blood.

When he took his attention from her pussy he noticed her smooth belly. For just a second Eric thought that he could see through the layers of skin, adipose and muscle to view the organs beneath. He could picture her intestines arranged in tight coils. At that moment he was hungrier than he had ever been in his life.

He was drooling uncontrollably by then. His saliva was a black green stew and it was forming a pond on her belly. Eric touched her there. At first it was light; a caress, like a lover. He brushed his finger tips against her skin and felt the fine hairs on his neck stand to attention.

Then, he pressed. He pushed his fingertips into her stomach. It took much less force than he thought it would. He skin opened for him the way her vagina had opened for him. It spread nicely and, just like her vagina, it was wet and warm inside. He sunk both hands into her gut and ripped her wide.

The jogger wasn’t struggling. At first he thought she was dead. When he looked at her eyes he realized that he was wrong. There was still a light there, but they were glass. She had sunk into a deep and warm state of shock. He knew that she would be dead soon.

Eric looked down into the new orifice he had created. Her entrails looked like every dream he had ever had: mysterious and beautiful. Eric reached in, tugged a handful of her guts to his mouth and took a bite.

He was chewing his second mouth full of her when he came. His semen shot in gushers. He thought that it would never end. He thrusted his hips back and forth harder and harder and pulled more and more of her into his mouth. He couldn’t get enough.

Finally the orgasm abated. It passed in slow waves and he collapsed on top of her bloody destroyed form.

Eric rested there for a moment, then stood and pulled up his pants. He had trouble getting his cock back inside of his fly. It was still painfully stiff. He realized that he was still horny. And hungry.

The other thing that he realized was that he felt better. He had energy; his headache had subsided; his muscles felt limber. He looked down at his hands and saw that the color had started to return. Fuck, he thought, guess that was just what I needed.

Eric quickly decided that he should do that again. He headed across the part to find another woman. Any woman would do.

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