Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Verbosity is Bought Cheaply

Verbosity is Bought Cheaply
By Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Andrea walked into the apartment.  She tossed her bag on the floor as
she closed the door behind her.
She looked up to see that living room in front of her was dark.
She moved forward and slapped her hand against the light switch on the
She blinked against the sudden brightness that filled the room.  She
looked at the floor and she saw her blood covered roommate on the
floor in front of her.
The girl's throat had been cut.
Blood gushed from the gaping wound and splashed against the white rug.
Andrea watched her roommate's body twitch just before she was still.
"Oh my God."  Andrea whispered.
Andrea looked at her roommate in a panic before she turned around and
moved to the door.
She stopped when she saw the blood covered figure of a short blonde
haired boy in front of her.
The boy looked at Andrea with vacant blue eyes as he stood in front
of the door.
"Kevin."  Andrea said.
Kevin sighed. He blinked as he stared into Andrea's face.
Andrea took a step forward and she ceased when a loud click echoed in
the room.  She looked down and she saw a small silver gun in Kevin's
Andrea took a step away from the young man.
"Kevin. What are you doing?"  Andrea asked.
"You saw her.  Which means I have to kill you too."  Kevin whispered.
Andrea raised her hands.  She looked at the gun as she walked
"No you don't.  I won't tell."  Andrea said.
Kevin followed Andrea.  He shook his head and smiled.
"I can't risk you telling anyone. I know you Andrea.  For years.  You
are a very outspoken young woman.  And sadly for you.  Addicted to the
truth.  As you know it."  Kevin said.
Andrea blinked as her eyes filled with tears.
She looked at Kevin's face as the boy aimed the gun at her heart.
"I have you to thank for all of this really.  If it wasn't for you I
would have never known that she was cheating on me." Kevin said.
Andrea reached into her back pocket and she closed her fingers around
a hard object.
Kevin looked at the bloody girl on the floor as he moved towards
"I won't tell.  I won't. Just let me walk out of here.  You'll never
hear from me again."  Andrea said.
Kevin turned to Andrea.
"I can't do that.  I just can't." Kevin said.
"Please. Please don't kill me."  Andrea begged.
Kevin shook his head.
"You never should have told me." Kevin said.
Andrea pulled the small knife from her pocket and she ran forward.
She let out a yell as she jammed the blade of the knife into the
flesh just beneath Kevin's lower jar.
She grabbed at Kevin's hand that clutched at the gun.
She held the young man's limb tightly with her left hand as she
rammed the knife deep into Kevin's neck with her right limb.
Andrea stabbed at his flesh dozens of times.  She blinked as a geyser
of blood spurted from his neck and bathed her face and chest.
Andrea raked the blade across the front of Kevin's throat.  She
released her hold on his hand and she fell to the floor.
Kevin grabbed at his neck with a whimper.  He stumbled around the
room as blood gushed from his throat.
Andrea crawled on the floor and she pulled her roommates body atop
hers as the sound of loud pops echoed in the room.
Andrea lay beneath the bloody girl's stiffened form as the sound of a
loud thud filled the space.
She pushed her roommate off of her.   She sat up and looked across
the room.  She saw Kevin shaking on the floor near her.
Kevin clutched at his lacerated neck with one hand and he held the
gun in the other. He looked at the ceiling as his body twitched.
He turned and stared at Andrea.
He raised the gun in his shaking hand.
Andrea lifted her roommate's body in front of her just as a loud pop
filled the space.
She cried out as a sudden burst of heat passed over her face.  She
fell onto her side as a searing pain engulfed her brow.
She heard a low thump and she wiped at her face before she looked at
Kevin.  She blinked as she watched the young man shudder before he was
Andrea looked at her roommate. And she wept when she saw the large
hole in the center of the girl's forehead.
Andrea raised a hand to her brow as a jet of pain exploded against
her skin.  She winced as her fingers touched a sharp object.  She
closed two fingers around the thing and she pulled.
Sudden pain filled her head and Andrea blinked as a flood of blood
poured into her right eye.
Andrea wiped at her left eye.  She raised her hand to her face and
she stared into her bloody palm with her left eye.
She blinked in disbelief as she stared at the bloody piece of bone
she clutched in her hand.

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