Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter

I have long believed that when you share common cause with someone, you should work with them even if this involves overlooking their flaws or other issues on which you do not agree. As an example, I am an Atheist. I still find myself allied with religious people against the death penalty. I will stand side by side with deeply religious people whom I find to be deluded. I will fight against state sanctioned murder with these folks, knowing full well that at another time I may be shouting them down outside an abortion clinic while they wave crazy religious signs and try to block access.  I accept their friendship on the issue for which we share a common cause and goals.

I support Black Lives Matter. I believe that most of the leaders of that movement are committed, reasonable, kind people working to improve the world. If I should learn that those leaders were actually dicks; mean spirited cruel people, I would still work with them. Want to know why? Because  unarmed black men and women are being murdered by the police. Because black children are being murdered by the police. This must stop. Anyone who isn’t part of the solution is, as the old saw goes, part of the problem.

My question to BLM is this: why attack your natural allies? Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley are not the enemy. They are the candidates that, if elected, would actually attempt to do something about police brutality and racism.  Sure, ambushing Bernie gets headlines, much imagine the headlines if we shut down a Rubio or Walker event.  Imagine if we forced Jeb! To answer some questions about mass incarceration, police racism, and the militarization of police forces. Imagine that.

I’m not telling anyone what to do (and no matter what, this movement will not lose my support, it is too important for that). I’m just wondering why we can’t all work together toward what are the common goals of the left.

Just my two cents. It probably isn’t worth that much

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