Saturday, August 8, 2015

Republican sex

Sex, especially sex involving women, is a mystery! Which could explain why some dumbasses tend to get confused by it (granted, that last link is confusing). I do not understand why conservatives are so fucking obsessed with sex. It seems to be the only thing that they can focus on. Planned Parenthood must be stopped because sluts. Obamacare bad because slut pills. Gays are evil because gay sex. I'm sure that even their hatred of food stamps has something to do with poor people sex. It's all sex in their tiny little reptilian brains.

For the record: Planned Parenthood provides healthcare options to women who are poor or geographically disadvantaged. Obamacare provides healthcare options to most (including, shiver, contraceptives). gay marriage is about loving relationships and societal and legal benefits that should be available to all.

Republicans, get your fucking heads out of the gutter. Seriously.

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