Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bernie's Path to Victory

Five-Thirty-Eight has a great article on a possible path to the nomination for Berni Sanders. It breaks down benchmarks for each state and which states he really "needs" to win.

It starts, of Course, with Nevada

Nevada. Nevada has a fairly high nonwhite population, but it isn’t especially liberal. Clinton was also well ahead of Sanders in the (relatively small sample) of interviews Morning Consult conducted there earlier this year. It’s possible that Clinton will be hurt because the state holds a caucus, although we don’t have a lot of evidence yet about which Democrat that benefits. In other words — and as much as her campaign might try to avoid admitting it — it’s a state that Clinton “should” win. Conversely, a Sanders win would be a sign he has staying power.

I was interested in Kansas (what with living there). I think Kansas will deliver a massive margin for Sanders. 

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