Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kanye West for SCOTUS

Supreme court Justice Antonin Scalia died (no doubt murdered by Donald Trump is a rage over competing comb overs).   Scalia was a dim bulb and an ideologue of the worst sort.A Twitter Egg.   I man who could barely string together a coherent series of ideas, and instead parroted talk radio bromides peppered with anachronistic slang in an attempt to sound interesting. He was a man with no ethical center, and no true judicial core. He ranted about originialism and textualism, then created, out of whole cloth, an individual right to own machine guns. He loved the original text of the constitution in it was useful in oppressing the poor and minorities and ignored it when it got in the way of his corporate gods. None of that I really important here, though.

Scalia’s replacement is what we must be interested in. The Repulicans had an easy path before them:

1.       Pretend to play ball
2.       Go slow
3.       Vote down every nominee that Obama offered.

That is all they needed to do. They would get what they wanted, and it would cost them nothing. Instead, in what can only be called an unforced error, they began (within minutes of Scalia’s demise) screaming that they would defy the constitution, shut down the system and fuck everyone. They threw a tantrum. Now they have to pay the price.

The price will likely be a Democratic Senate.

And, as for Scalia’s replacement? The possibilities are (in Descending order):

Hillary Clinton picks a liberal
Bernie Sanders picks a Super-Liberal
Donald Trump picks Kanye West

Have at it

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