Friday, February 12, 2016

Clinton and Kissinger

Why does Hillary Clinton praise Henry Kissinger? A friend said to me :

“But he was so . . .  wrong . . . “

My friend does not understand.
The problem is, he wasn’t. Not from where Clinton stands. The Hawkish Neoliberal Corporatists see the world, and history differently than you and I. In their mind, the Vietnam War, the Cambodian excursions, these were necessary. South-East Asia needed to be brought down. Popular regimes had to topple. What little infrastructure there was needed to be destroyed. The fighter needed to be killed. This was the program. The Dominos were real, they just weren’t the dominos we were told about. This needed doing to create (or maintain) the slave labor class the multinational corporations needed to stitch clothes and build bike parts. This was the plan.
From where the Center Right Clinton System stands, Kissinger is a hero. Of course she runs to him.

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