Monday, July 20, 2015

Giving South Africa a Rim Job

National Review (founded by Neo-Confederate asshat William F. Buckly), the magazine that nearly deified Francisco Franco, the magazine that defended segregation, the magazine that gave slobbery rim jobs to Apartheid era South Africa has now called Vermont Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders a Nazi. Yup. They called Bernie Sanders a fucking Nazi. Next they'll call Hillary Clinton a pedophile.

For those unfamiliar with Sanders, he is Jewish. His family died in the fucking Holocaust. Sanders is a self proclaimed Democratic-Socialist. That is, a Scandanavian style Socialist. Think, Capitalist in favor of unions, a strong welfare state, and lots of regulation of the business world.

That NR would make such a claim is beyond the pale. This is beyond the limits of decency. It is, however, more ratfucking.

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