Saturday, July 25, 2015

Think of the savings, man.

Rolling Stone gets it.

Even the other candidates’ appeals to taste and professionalism fall flat. You can’t argue Donald Trump shouldn’t be making policy just because he’s rich when you’ve pushed for and won the complete gutting of the campaign finance system so rich people can write “FOR ZERO DERIVATIVES REGULATION” in the memo of a massive check. This is the system working. How is Trump any less qualified to determine policy than Sheldon Adelson, who may have mob ties in China, who likes to quash marijuana referenda to keep people away from vices that aren’t gambling, and who dictates our position on Israel? How is Trump less qualified to talk about abortion than ten-gallon shithead Foster Friess? Why is his money dirtier than the Kochs, whose exploding pipelines kill people? Hell, if anything, his candidacy cuts out the middleman. My god, think of the savings

The Donald really is quite a thing, but what even the bad boys and girls at Rolling Stone aren't saying is that Trump isn't part of the severe right flank of the Republican party. He isn't appealing to some Bircher outgrowth out there on the fringe (Rand Paul has the Birchers tied up). No no no. Trump is the very center of the Republican party. He his the respectable middle. That is the sad and terrifying truth of it. 

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