Monday, July 20, 2015

Ratfucking for Fun and Profit

Throughout the great history of this nation (which was founded around 1968, I think) RATFUCKING has been a guiding principle of all that is good and holy.  Our Nation’s founding fathers (the sweaty ghost of Richard Nixon, Lee Atwater, The Zombie Corpse of Ronald Reagan,  and Lily Von Shtupp for some reason), decreed that rats must be fucked at every opportunity.

Ask John Kerry, or Tammy Duckworth what being a war hero gets you in modern politics. They understand. The interwebs are all a quiver over Donald Fucking Trump shooting into a double digit lead over Scott “fuck the poors” Walker and Jeb “Worse than my brain damaged brother” Bush right after his attack on John “Bush already ratfucked me, bro” McCain. Of course he’s winning! He’s the one willing to fuck the rats.

The GOP base is deeply racist and homophobic. Trump’s racist rants play right into their sweet spot. +

We all know that Trump's star will fade (unless he goes all Perot and runs third party style - note to The Donald: please do this!). Eventually Walker and Jeb! will duke it out in a race to the spot just to the right of Franco. The winner of that battle will then try their best to ratfuck the Democratic nominee (probably Hillary, maybe Bernie). 

It likely wont work given demographic trends and such. But they will try. They always try.

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