Monday, July 27, 2015

P.Z. Meyers Gets it Wrong

Let me start by saying that P.Z. Meyers is a really smart guy. I am a big fan and generally find myself an agreement with most of his opinions. But, even really smart people can get something totally wrong.  P.Z. does that here

But I have to wonder…are atheists literally making a deal with the devil by ignoring the whole “let’s put up a statue of children worshipping an imaginary demon” thing? I knew a few Satanists way back when, and I’d say exactly the same thing about them I would about Baptists: generally nice people, but hoo boy, they really believed in some incredible bullshit. That they are serving the cause of highlighting conservative misappropriation of some good principles shouldn’t mean we stop questioning them.

The Satanic Temple isn't a religious group. It isn't even a group of religious people. It is a group of Atheists working toward a secular society by forcing the fundies to face their own shit. They use these statues to push Xians into either backing down, or accepting religious iconography that will offend them. When other Atheists join forces with ST (a group of Atheists) they are not making any sort of deal with the devil . 

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