Friday, September 11, 2015

It smells like fear

Driftglass has noticed. Others as well. The insiders have not yet found a suitable way to tarnish Bernie Sanders. Screaming "commie!" every time he enters the room hasn't worked. Dark whispers of Cultural Marxism aren't hitting the right dog-whistle notes. Weird attempts to paint him as a dirty old man (I'm pointing directly at the baby rapers at Red State when I say that) are having no effect. The new strategy?

Claim that Sanders is just like The Trump! That makes perfect sense! A United States Senator who has served in the House and been a Mayor is just like a political neophyte whose claim to fame is that his slum-lord father left him millions of dollars and a real estate empire! The same! Just alike! If David Brooks says it loud enough, it will be true.

Why all the freak out? Because Sanders scares the fuck out of them in ways that Hillary cannot.

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