Monday, September 7, 2015

John Oliver

John Oliver is the most consistently funny person on television. His program, Last Week Tonight, manages to fill the space left by the absence of Colbert (who is, sort of, returning) and even outshine The Daily Show (Oliver and Wilmore are the dual apex of comedy/news these days, but more about Wilmore later).

That being said, while John Oliver's show is on brief hiatus, they are posting brief web only clips which are less well written and lesser quality than what we are used to on the show proper. That is to be expected: these are "bonus" features, not the main event.

The latest is likely the worst that they have done. It is a quick riff on school, and it mostly falls flat. There are bright spots, but overall it is a whiff. That being said, people need to calm the fuck down.

Read the comments on P.Z. Myers' blog to see people going nuts over nothing. Read it here. From these comments you would think that Oliver is "out of ideas", "off the deep end",  becoming a "right winger", and so much more.

Calm down.

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