Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Scott Walker is a Douche

I've probably mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: Scott Walker is a massive douche. This thick headed fuck thinks that putting people out of work, lowering wages, creating dangerous and hostile work environments and otherwise fucking the poor and working poor is just a good time. He is poorly skilled pimp in a cheap suit.

Now fuckbrain Walker wants to make people go without food, for their own good:

"For us, it's not a punitive thing, it's a progressive thing," Walker told The Huffington Post on Friday, following the first of several campaign stops in Iowa over the weekend.
"We're trying to help people who are in need of our assistance to get jobs," Walker said, "because the best thing we can do with them is to make sure they get the skills and education they need, and make sure they are drug free if they have an addiction, to get back in the workforce."

Take away the food stamps! An empty belly will incentivize hard work and the protestant ethic and blah!

Fuck this fucking fuck.

Scott Walker soon to be president of his own drug induced fever dream.

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