Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Good thing about Trump

It may be hard to believe that we here at magazine of the Dead see an upside to Donald Trump, but we do. We really do. This isn’t snark or satire. There is one (and only one) good thing about Donald Trump. What is it, you ask? It is this:

Donald Trump already has all the money and he is totally insane. These two things combine to make him not for sale. He does not take contributions. He does not raise money. He doesn’t need more money, and if he does he has more income streams than he can likely remember. The Koch cabal cannot purchase Mr Trump. His insane policies are the ones brewed up in the rotten meat of his mind, not those pushed by the other plutocrats.

He scares the crap out of us, but at least we can see that one upside.

That is likely the last quasi good thing we will say about the TRUMP

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